Top 9 Legal Alternatives To 9xflix For Watching Movies (2024)

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Web Series and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audios Films are available on 9xflix, an unlawful movie downloading website. It provides viewers with both new and classic movies that they can conveniently watch and download. The most recent releases will attract those who enjoy Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

English, Hindi, and more regional languages are available for movie download on this site. Since it was an illegal site, as a result, it doesn’t work in every nation. Therefore, we are providing you with its best legal or safe alternatives in this blog post.

What Exactly is

The movie website offers free movie downloads and streaming. This movie website offers online streaming for recently released films. This movie website unlawfully streams films that have already been available in theaters.

The website 9x flix com already has free Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Bollywood movies download, Malayalam movies, Hollywood movies download, Tamil dubbed Hindi movies, and English movies.

This website has HD print movie leaks. It provides HD or high-definition versions of recently released films. It is famous for Hindi movies and web series.

Movies Categories Available on The 9xflix

There is a wide range of collections of movies available on this website in different categories. Here are the categories available on it:

1) Bollywood Movies

2) Hollywood Movies

3) Hindi Dubbed Movies

4) Web Series

5) Bhojpuri Movies

6) Bengali Movies

7) Punjabi Movies

8) TV Series

9) 18+ Adult Movies

10) Dual Audio Movies

11) Epic Collections

Anyone can find their favorite movie or web series from these wide categories. With its simple user interface, anyone can download or watch movies without any hassle.

Movies Genres Available on The

It has numerous genres from which anyone can find his/her favorite genre movie easily. The genres are:

1) Action

2) Adventure

3) Animation

4) Biography

5) Bold

6) Comedy

7) Cookery

8) Crime

9) Documentary

10) Drama

11) Erotic

12) Family

13) Fantasy

14) History

15) Horror

16) Kids

17) Music

18) Mystery

19) Reality

20) Romance

21) Sci-Fi & Fantasy

22) Science Fiction

23) Sports

24) Thriller

25) War

26) Politics

27) Western

How to Download My Favorite Movie or Web Series From 9xflix?

Downloading movies or web series from this website is such a simple thing. You have to follow these steps strictly to download movies or web series from this site.

1) Visit the official website by browsing it on your device.

2) Find your choice movie by searching on the homepage.

3) Select movie’s format like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc., after you’ve selected your favorite film.

4) After choosing the movie’s format, then click the download button available on the page.

5) Then, your choice movie will start downloading to your available device, and you may watch it offline once it is downloaded.

Is it Safe to Use

It is possible to download and watch all kinds of movies and web series illegally from the movie website. The user can quickly and for free download several kinds of movies from the movie website, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, regional language, and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio movies, among others. This website acts as a proxy for online movie streaming and downloads while also hosting stolen original content that has been converted into piracy.

This results in a significant loss for the film business. You should stay away from 9x flix com and never watch movies or download them from any website like this. Users of share their sensitive information when watching movies illegally.

These types of sites aren’t safe or legal to use, instead of using these types of sites, you can simply watch or download movies from legal websites. By doing this, your sensitive data will be safe.

Top Legal Alternatives of 9xflix

Here, we are going to provide you with some top legal alternatives of this proxy website, and also they are safe or legal to use. Don’t forget to try these alternatives. Here we go:

1) Bigflix

For people who enjoy watching movies, it is one of the major streaming services in India. You’ll find everything here, from famous movies to unusual ones that fewer people may be familiar with. You may view the newest movies and stay current with the rest of the world from the convenience of your own home.

Due to the different titles it offers and the ability to watch movies in regional languages, this streaming service is very famous. This streaming platform makes sure that Indian-specific entertainment content doesn’t get lost in the flood of Hollywood movies and TV episodes that are constantly being pushed at you.

2) Voot

All of the popular shows that are aired on the Viacom 18 entertainment channel are accessible through this streaming service. This streaming service is a fantastic alternative to check out if you want to see what is on VH1, MTV, Colors, or Nickelodeon. You may access fascinating content and follow your favorite TV series while on the go with the help of this app. Your favorite TV series are always available to catch up on thanks to this app!

3) Mx Player

Mx Player is the best choice for android mobile phones when it comes to live streaming and watching or downloading movies from several sources. Here, several movies are available for both streaming and downloading. People who are busy with their everyday lives and spend a lot of time on their phones would benefit the most from this website. They don’t need to look for a 9x flix because they can use this one to get the best outcomes.

4) Sony LIV

A popular website called Sony Liv may be the ideal replacement for Downloading movies and TV shows are possible through this website. This website offers access to nearly all popular TV dramas and serials. Here, you may find popular videos from all over the world, including Indian serials.

5) Viu

This streaming service is fantastic if you enjoy Asian drama, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. This platform has begun publishing content that is accessible in regional languages as it begins to adapt to its Indian fan base. Using this platform, you may watch a variety of content from the convenience of your own home, including entertainment shows, anime, Asian dramas, and more.

With a membership to this platform, anyone will indeed be happy whether you enjoy watching foreign-language television or would like to see more regional material on your feed.

6) Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures owns the famous streaming service Sony Crackle, where users may watch movies for nothing online. This suggests that all of the films offered on Sony Crackle are entire works that can be viewed without charge. Even with++++++out a Sony gadget, you can watch a full movie on the website.

All of the movies available on Sony Pictures are interactive. You may experience the clarity of the movies on a desktop or a smartphone.

7) Viewster

With a vast library of films, Viewster is a solo movie database. In addition to the most famous genres including comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentaries, and international films, you will also have direct access to classic films, live events, and TV shows.

The only drawback of Viewster is that you might have to view advertisem*nts to keep streaming a movie, else, you’ll stop.

8) Tubi

Movies and TV series are available for free on Tubi. But instead of charging for using the platform to watch movies, Tubi split it up into different parts. Users must pay a certain amount to watch some movies because they cannot be viewed for free.

9) Vudu

Many individuals don’t truly know how to use Vudu’s free movie streaming service. If you’re not a calm person, you might find watching movies on Vudu to be incredibly exhausting. The only requirement is that you put up with a few advertisem*nts to join the hundreds of thousands of Vudu customers and watch free movies on the service.

You don’t experience any issues with video clarity with Vudu, which is a significant point to highlight. There are no concerns with video quality because most of Vudu’s movies are at 1080p.

FAQs Related to 9xflix

1) What are the top movie categories available on

There are many different kinds of movies available on the streaming service For example, action, adventure, comedy, and crime. Thriller, drama, and more genres.

2) Could I watch the movies I’ve downloaded offline?

Yes, you can view movies offline that you have downloaded.


The most famous streaming services in the globe include 9xflix. It offers a huge collection of HD movies and TV series for free of cost. We advise you to consider the legal alternatives listed above because this is a proxy site.

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