Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (2024)

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Presales at Excellium Services

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Email (work) *****
LinkedIn URL rosor
Company Excellium Services
Residence Belgium, Vlaanderen, Antwerpen
Last updated 2023-08-26
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Rob is working at

Excellium Services

Location Luxembourg , District De Luxembourg, Contern
Company Size censo redcens
Employees 149 profiles available
Last Updated 2018-01-01

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Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (1)

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Decision Makers at Excellium Services

Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (5)

Stephanie Gülpen-raginHigher Management

Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (6)

Alexandre RuinartHigher Management

2 Decision Makers at Excellium Services

Peers of Rob Loos in the area

Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (7)

Marc BynensNon Management

Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (8)

Lut DondeyneNon Management

Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (9)Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (10)

Luc WeyerNon Management

Career Opportunities at Excellium Services

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No job listings currently found.

Rob Loos's current details

Current Title

Type of Role
Sales Representative
just 1.6% from Belgium work as a Sales Representative

Job functions

Job Seniority
Non Management
80% from Belgium are employed in Non Management

Current Industry
Information Technology Solutions, censoredcen soredcenso redcenso red censo redcens ore dcenso redce nsoredce

Belgium, Vlaanderen, Antwerpen

Experience (tracked since 2009)
c ensore experience at Excellium Services
ce nsore experience as Presales
120% more than average experience as Sales Representative in Belgium

Work-life tracked since 2009
Rob Loos had a total of X different roles since 2009

Skills & Expertise
▪Access Control
▪Accenso redcensore
▪Acens oredcen
12 more skills ...

Hobbies & Interests
▪Fice nsoredcen s oredcensor
7 more skills ...

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Company "Excellium Services"

Company name
Excellium Services

Company size
censo redcens

Year Founded


Linkedin Profile servsor

Industrial Field
Information Technology Security and Cyber Defense

Luxembourg, District De Luxembourg, Contern

Full Company Profile
Excellium Services

Rob Loos's Work History
data available since 2009

  • 2023 (6 months)
    Excellium Services
    Information Technology Solutions
    Excellium Services

  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Ic ensoredcen

  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Tcenso redcensoredcens

  • 20XX (3+ censo)
    Scensored censore
    Pcensored censored
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso -belgsor

  • 20XX (3+ censo)
    Scensored censore
    Pcensored censored
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso -belgsor

  • 20XX (1+ censo)
    Scens oredcensor
    Pcensored censored
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso isor

  • 20XX (1+ censo)
    Scens oredcen
    Pcensored censored
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso isor

  • 20XX (1+ censo)
    Tce nsoredc enso
    Scens oredcensoredce
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso iansor

  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso ssor

  • 20XX (3+ censo)
    Dcens ored
    Pcensore dcensore dcensor
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso bvsor

  • 20XX (1+ censo)
    Scensor edcensored censoredce
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso

  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Ncensor edce
    Icensoredce nsoredcens oredcenso eosor

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Rob Loos's Professional Experience

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Rob Loos's Education

  • 20XX - 20XX -
    Activities anc ensoredcen soredcens oredcen soredce nsoredcenso

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Frequently asked questions

What company does Rob Loos work for?
Rob Loos is working for Excellium Services

What is Rob Loos's title at Excellium Services?
Rob's title is , Presales

What is Rob Loos's Seniority at Excellium Services?
Rob Loos has been with Excellium Services for 6 months and is a normal employee

For how long is Rob Loos working as a Presales?
Rob Loos has 7+ years experience as Presales.

What are Rob Loos's functions as a Presales ?
Rob Loos is responsible for Financec ensor

What is Rob Loos's email contact?
Rob Loos's email address is *****

Who are similar contacts like Rob Loos ?
Some similar contacts are Marc Bynens, Lut Dondeyne, Luc Weyer, Marijke Janssens, Melvin Altman and Marc Stas.

What is Rob Loos's LinkedIn profile ?
Rob Loos's LinkedIn profile can be found at***sro***

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Rob Loos, Presales working at Excellium Services (2024)
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