Ice Capades: 28 Creative Ice Cube Recipes (2024)

These icy recipes are sure to score a perfect 10. No triple salchows and double axels here, just a trusty ice cube tray and good ol’ H2O We’ve brought you refreshing Sorbet Bites and don’t forget, Ice Ice Baby, our creative takes on jazzing up the ice cube. Now, enter ice capades, the stars on ice! From simple to complex and everything in between, chill out with these glistening recipes.

1. Chocolate Bonbon Bombes: The French know how to eat well, and this little bonbon can only be described by the familiar phrase, “je ne sais quois!” (via Health)

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Made In An Ice Cube Tray: A simple twist on a classic. Sweet strawberries suspended in rich chocolate à la, the handy, ice cube tray. (via CheapRecipeBlog)

3. Rice Krispy Treat Poppers: Snap, Crackle, FUNFETTI! A bite-sized rice krispy treat dipped in almond bark, with a douse of sprinkles. (via Smart School House)

4. Bite-sizedChocolate Turtle Candy Bars: Go ahead, lose control—take two bites ’cause these little candy bars are healthy and raw. Packed with cocoa, dates, almond butter, and pecans, they are sure to fool you! (via Almonds & Avocados)

5. Frozen Cheesecake Bites: A delightful one-bite for a sweet-tooth craving! Crunchy and creamy these are perfect for parties and gatherings. (via BetterRecipes)

6. Hot Chocolate Sticks: Get creative with cocoa! Warm up with hot chocolate on a stick and don’t worry, marshmallows are included! (via 30 Pounds of Apples)

7. A Real Wake Up Call (Inside Out Bloody Mary): Wake up call! Turn your bloody mary inside out with this clever drink: A spicy martini poured over bloody mary cubes, preventing a watered down drink! (via ellenfork)

8. Blueberry Martini Jello Shots: Slurp from dixie cups no more! Make your jello shots really jiggle with the help of an ice cube tray not too mention the blueberry vodka. (via BIONIC bites)

9. Beet Root Shots with Tarragon Yogurt Ice Cubes: Get a little avant-garde at your next festivity, and surprise guests with this delightful shot. Bright red beetroots, cool yogurt cubes, and a scent of tarragon are sure to please. (via BBC GoodFood)

10. Chai Iced Tea Cubes: These super-concentrated chai iced tea cubes will have your iced-chai tea latte at the ready anytime. Simply mix the cubes with cold milk for a refreshing blend of Masala Chai. (via Will Cook for Friends)

11. Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil: Most dishes begin with oil, onion, garlic and herbs/spices, so why not save yourself a step, and preserve fresh herbs with olive oil. These tasteful cubes are read for soups, stews, roasts and sauces. (via theKitchn)

12. Sofrito: This Latin American staple, composed of tomatoes and accented with garlic, onions, cumin, jalapeños, and cilantro can be preserved in cube form. Once frozen, remove the sofrito cubes from the tray and put them in a container with a lid or in a Ziploc bag, ready for soups, stews, rice, and bean dishes. (via Analida’sEthnic Spoon)

13. Green Tomato Pesto: Not your traditional pesto, try this end-of-garden favorite this summer, and freeze to enjoy over the winter! A great way to use up unripened tomatoes. (via Trisha Brink Design)

14. Coconut Milk Ice Cubes: Simply toss these cubes into smoothies like this Coconut Pineapple Pumpkin Seed Smoothie adding a touch of sweet creamy-ness. For an extra boost outta bed, try this Toasted Coconut Mocha Frappucinno. (via Can You Freeze This)

15. Bite-Sized Party Bark: Find a fun ice cube tray and whip up these bite-sized snacks in about an hour. A hit at parties and perfect for snacks on the go. (via HappyHourProjects)

16. FunFruit Sushi: FRUSHI! A sushi that anyone will like, kids included. (via food network)

17. Baked Tots: A healthy spin on the frozen potato-y treat! Want to keep it untraditional? Serve with this feta yogurt sauce instead of ketchup.(via Mom, What’s for Dinner)

18. {Chocolate Chip Energy Bites} Homemade Nut-free LARA Bar: Be sure to stow a few of these protein-packed bites in your gym bag. These energy bites can go where you go! (via Martine Holston)

19. Frozen Fruit Salad: Just like Grandma used to make. Get hip like Grandma, and whip up a batch of these icy treats to cool off. (via A Pinch of the Plains)

20. Christmas Ice Cubes: Whimsy and mint come together in these Christmas-y cubes of joy! Cheers to the holidays with bright red and mint. (via FUNKYTIME)

21. Reese’s Peanut Butter Shooters: DIY your shot glass, and eat it too! This Halloween, toast to chocolate and peanut butter with these tasty shooters. FYI, you will need a shot glass ice cube tray. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Homemade Baileys Irish Cream: The luck of the Irish all in one glass. Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream is scented with flavorful coffee cubes a cheers to St. Patty’s Day. (via Camille STYLES)

23. Conversation Heart Bark: Will you be mine. You’ll have them saying yes with this colorfully, sweet conversation heart bark. Be sure to use a heart shaped ice cube tray for Valentine’s Day. (via the decorated cookie)

24. Make Your OwnSeed Bombs: Welcome spring with the bursting of wildflowers, seed bomb-style! A fun DIY activity with family and friends. (via Wearable Planter)

24. Make Your OwnDishwasher Detergent Tabs: Chemical free and easy on the pocket, these dishwasher tabs are a green way to add some sparkle to your dishes. (via ONE GOOD THING by Jillee)

26. How To MakeSugar Scrub Cubes: Make 3-different scents all in one ice cube tray! Try Maple and Brown Sugar, Vanilla Coffee and Pumpkin Spice. A great giveaway at showers or an addition to a spa gift basket. (via Henry Happened)

27. Clean Your Garbage Disposal WithLemon And Vinegar Ice Cubes: Freshen your garbage disposal with these odor-fighting cubes. Made with common household items, and easy store. (via ONE GOOD THING by Jillee)

28. Seed Starter From AnIce Cube Tray: Eco-conscious and thrifty, try your green thumb at a DIY seed starting kit. Perfect for baby lettuces. (via MRBROWNTHUMB)

Do you have any ice cube recipes that land a perfect 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ice Capades: 28 Creative Ice Cube Recipes (2024)
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