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When the BMW engine reaches a critically low oil level, the oil level below the minimum warning comes on.

Repair Time:

The typical time range in hours required to complete this repair.

Repair Difficulty:

This indicates how difficult it is for most DIYers and mechanics to perform this repair.

Continuing to drive a BMW after it displays the engine oil level low or below minimum or oil pressure too low can cause engine damage.

This message is critical and means the engine does not have enough oil to operate properly. See the instructions below on how to check the oil level and add engine oil.

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BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (2)

Do not drive a BMW with no oil or low oil level, as this can cause excessive engine weareven in aslittle as 10 or 15 minutes.

Pull over immediately, check the oil level, and add engine oil as needed. The easiest way to find which oil to use on your BMW is to open the hood and look at the sticker on top of the radiator, under the hood itself, or on the oil cap.

BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (3)

Regardless of the oil brand, it is critical to have oil in the engine and turn the oil warning light off rather than drive with the oil light on.

Use BMW-approved oils (LL01, LL02) for your engine when possible. It will usually be 0W-40, 5W-30, or 5W-40 full synthetic. BMW recommends Castrol, but you can use any BMW-approved long-life oil as specified in LL01 or LL04 sheets, including Castrol, Elf Excellium, Galp Energy, Liqui Moly, Mobil 1, Motul, Oest, Pennzoil, etc.

If the recommended oil is unavailable, use conventional oil, get an oil change, and use the correct oil in the next two weeks.

How to check/add oil on aBMW.

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and turn off the engine. BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (4)
  2. Wait for at least ten minutes. This allows the oil to return to the oil pan for an accurate measurement.
  3. Pull the hood release under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Some models require you to pull the hood lever twice for the hood to release. If that’s the case, the hood level will have x2 on printed on top.BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (5)
  4. Go to the front of the vehicle and release the hood latch. Ensure the hood stays up on its own. If the hood supports are too weak, the hood will shut down.If that’s the case, have someone open the hood for you.BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (6)BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (7)
  5. Locate the oil dipstick and pull it out. The oil dipstick is on the side of the engine and usually has a yellow handle. Some BMWs do not have an oil dipstick. In those models, you check the engine oil level via the dashboard.BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (8)
  6. Wipe the oil dipstick with a lint-free cloth; note the hatched area on the dipstick. This indicates the MIN and MAX range.
  7. Reinsert it into the oil dipstick tube.
  8. Pull out the dipstick again and note the oil level. It should be between the MIN and MAX marks.
  9. If the level is below the MIN level, remove the oil cap by turning it counterclockwise, add one quart or one liter of oil, and recheck the level. You need about one quart of oil to raise the oil level from the MIN to the MAX mark. Do not overfill above the MAX mark.BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (9)
  10. If you rectify the oil level, but the oil level or oil pressure warning light remains on, do not drive the vehicle. Call your auto mechanic and ask for advice. The vehicle may need towing to a BMW dealer or mechanic shop.

What oil should I use?

BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (10)

When adding oil to a BMW, it is essential to use the oil recommended by BMW. BMW recommends using Castrol 0W-40 full synthetic in most models. Check the owner’s manual and verify.

There are two ways to find which oil to use on a particular BMW. The easiest way is to open the hood and look at the sticker on top of the radiator support or under the hood.

The second method is to look it up in your owner’s manual. BMW-approved oils specification sheets are designated with LL01, LL04, etc.

BMW shows an oil level warning, but the oil level is correct

You may check the engine oil level using the dipstick and find that the oil level is correct. In such cases, the problem could be either a problem with the oil pump, which can cause low oil pressure or a faulty oil pressure sensor.

Do not drive your BMW with the oil light warning for days, weeks, or months. If the oil pressure is low, that is a severe problem that needs to be fixed immediately. The engine may run and drive fine if there is a faulty oil pressure sensor. Get the sensor replaced as soon as possible.

The challengeis to find out which one is the problem. You or your auto mechanic should perform an oil pressure test and check the resistance of the oil pressure sensor with a digital multimeter.

I can’t find the correct oil. Should I wait until tomorrow?

Having the correct oil level is more important than having no or low oil. Let’s say the oil light comes on while you are on a long trip. You stop at an auto parts store, but they do not have the recommended oil.

Should you drive with the oil light or use an alternative oil? Using substitute oil is better than driving with low or no oil.

Driving with low oil can lead to excessive and rapid premature engine wear. If the recommended oil is unavailable, it is ok to use 5W-30. Once you make it home, you can change your BMW engine oil and use the recommended oil. Do not drive with the oil light on or a low oil warning.

BMW Oil Warning Messages

  • Engine oil pressure! Stop carefully.Engine oil pressure is too low—possible engine damage. Switch off the engine. Continued during is not possible. Please contact the nearest BMW center.
  • Engine oil level. Oil level below minimum.Continued driving may cause engine damage. Check and add oil as required as soon as possible. Refer to the owner’s manual.
  • Engine oil level above maximum.For important information, see the owner’s handbook. (In this case, the engine oil level is too high, and some oil needs to be removed to bring the story between the MIN and MAX levels.
  • Engine oil at a minimum level.Add 1 quart of oil as soon as possible. See the owner’s manual.
  • Engine oil at the minimum level.Please add 2 quarts of engine oil.
  • Engine oil level at minimum.Top up 1 liter of oil at the earliest opportunity. See the owner’s handbook. Then, measure the engine oil level.
  • Engine oil level below minimum.Please add 1 quart of engine oil immediately.
  • Engine oil level below minimum.At the next opportunity, top up with 1 liter of engine oil. See the owner’s handbook.

We hope you find the BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.

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BMW Engine Oil Level Low Below Minimum Warning - YOUCANIC (2024)
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