9 Ashwagandha Recipes for Anyone Who Hates the Taste (So, All of Us) (2024)

We’re obsessed with ashwagandha. Sure, it’s not as tasty as avocados, but the health perks are too sweet to pass up. And how much does taste really matter when you’re improving sleep, stabilizing your mood, and increasing endurance in a few little sips? (Those are just a few of the benefits we’ve experienced, BTW.)

Instead of sticking your nose up at this miracle powder (its odor isn’t so great either), try mixing it in the likes of lattés, nut butter, and even some fudge. Trust us, these nine recipes are as(hwa)tonishingly good.

1. Adaptogenic Hazelnut Latté

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This piping hot drink is so deliciously hip, we’re surprised Starbucks hasn’t caught on. You may not be able to buy it on the go, but it’s still only a few minutes away from enjoyment. Simply warm nut milk; add it to a blender with hot coffee or tea; drop in a spoonful of hazelnut butter, a dash of maple syrup, and adaptogens of your choice (we like ashwagandha and maca); blitz until foamy; and sip a little slice of energy-infused heaven.

2. Almond-Cashew and Chia Balance Balls

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These truffle-like balance balls are as beautiful as can be and downright delicious. Pulse raw nuts, chia seeds, dates, and coconut oil to create a creamy and crunchy center. The healthy homemade chocolate creates an edible shell that’s equally as nutritious. We like topping with goji berries. (And you thought ashwagandha was just for sipping.)

3. Pink Moon Milk

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This vegan bedtime beverage tastes as dreamy as it looks. It’s also a breeze to make and will help you sleep like a baby due to the natural sources of melatonin. Simply heat some nut milk and tart cherry juice, remove from heat, whisk in honey and ashwagandha, and, if you’re feeling fancy, top with crushed rose petals. #ThinkPink

4. Ashwagandha Nut Butter Balls

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This recipe uses an entire jar of nut butter—meaning no matter what you do, it’s going to be good. Start with almond butter (any kind); massage it with dried cranberries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, honey, ashwagandha, and cinnamon; divide into ping pong-size balls; roll in coconut flakes; refrigerate for an hour; then eat your well-balanced heart out.

5. Golden Milk Cocoa

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Turmeric and ashwagandha may not seem like the best ingredients to sweeten a cup of cocoa, but their adaptogenic properties make them the perfect way to start your day (as opposed to the sugar crash that can coincide with classic cocoa). This morning pick-me-up is made with whole or nut milk, turmeric, ashwagandha, honey, and coconut oil, which combines for a comforting cup of healthy fats and mellowing herbs. We like using nut milk for weekdays and whole milk for a weekend treat.

6. Apricot-Almond Chia Porridge

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Who knew mashed bananas were such a grain-free game changer? Perhaps most popular as a Paleo pancake filler, the mashed goodness can also be used for this filling, make-ahead porridge. Combine the banana with chia seeds, chopped dried apricots, maca, ashwagandha, lucuma (a Peruvian fruit), and cinnamon; soak overnight; and top with chopped almonds in the morning. The recipe recommends soaking the almonds, but we like the flavor and texture of the nuts as is (bonus points for using roasted).

7. Adaptogenic Matcha Latté

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Matcha and ashwagandha are birds of a feather. The bitter, pungent flavor of ashwagandha is perfectly masked by the sweetness of matcha, coconut cream, maca, and vanilla, and there’s so much healthy goodness in a single cup, you’ll no doubt go back for a refill. This recipe calls for some less familiar ingredients, like astragalus tea, but tastes great with simple swaps (like hot water).

8. Raw Adaptogen Fudge With Ashwagandha

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Healthy fudge? ‘Tis true. This recipe uses dates as a thickener and sweetener, and coconut oil and nut butter to create a thick, rich, fudgy texture. Cocoa powder, sea salt, and vanilla extract provide the deep, chocolate flavor, and maca and ashwagandha are sprinkled throughout to add health benefits and a slight nutty twist.

9. Cocoa Tonic

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Six powders are used to create this über-healing elixir. Cacao, maca, tocos (rice bran solubles), reishi (herbal mushroom), vanilla, and salt serve as the dry ingredients, and coconut oil, nut milk, and maple syrup thicken it all up. Simply blend, warm, sip, and sigh out all that stress.

9 Ashwagandha Recipes for Anyone Who Hates the Taste (So, All of Us) (2024)
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